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Batch Antivirus To Remove Virii Effects

This antivirus is coded by me in batch, the old command prompt way. It has some good options that you can use for removing virus effects and some virii too.

The link is below:
Batch antivirus download

Ok friends, this little tool I've coded will try to remove the fucking viruses from the system. In fact, it is very efficient if you know how to use it and which option to choose first and which step to follow...
So let me describe each option out there in this tool.
First whenever you start program, you will come up with the program general information and pressing any key will take you to another screen with program instructions. Please read the short instructions over there. After reading, press any key to continuee...
Now will come the drive selection window. Here you will enter the drive name like:
c:\ => for c: drive
k:\ => for k: drive
In similar manner, you will enter the drive name and then hit ENTER.
Then press any key to continue...
Now comes the main menu where you will see the options.
Choose the options by entering the correct number in front of them like 1 to change the drive and follow the instructions to perform the specified tasks.


******************** LICENSE AGREEMENT *************************
Any thing I (sam207) provide is provided under Beer/Wine-ware license and if, any day, you meet me (by chance), you might hopefully want to give me cheers with glasses of beers or wines. Nothing I provide is provided with any guarantee and hence, any problem you face because of using what I share shall not make me guilty. Moreover, you are free to share this file till you keep it in its original form. Any program modifications sharing should be done only after informing me.
******************** LICENSE AGREEMENT *************************
Licensed Under: Beer/Wine-ware license

Author information:
Name: Samar Dhwoj Acharya
Handles: sam207 [general] and 5ilik0n [my closed group]
Age: 18 and half
Nationality: Nepali
E-mail: samar_acharya[at]hotmail[dot]com
Languages: C, Python, PHP, JAVA, ASM, Little bit of PERL & win32 APIs.
URL: http://www.sampctricks.blogspot.com
Previous release: Janam Kundali Cracked [Haven't uploaded anywhere publicly]
Next release: Win32 virus.ownc0mp coded in C.
Projects on way: ownc0mp, personal website, batch virus example, loads of cr@ck1ng tuts.
Learning on way: Win32 programming, advanced JAVA swings and awt, Python socket programming, Fucking exams.
Fav. Quotes: I haven't failed, I found 10,000 ways that didn't work.
             In this world without wall, why should we need WINDOWS and GATES.
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C Ebooks [C By Examples and C in Nutshell]

Here are two ebooks on C programming which might prove very helpful for beginner programmers in C. I uploaded these ebooks so that beginner programmers and students would be able to learn C on their own.

C By Examples 1999

C In A Nutshell

Thank you.
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Diagram Designer Freeware Flowchart designing software

This program is a freeware and can be helpful in creating visual flowcharts quickly. It has many different options and flowchart graphics to speed up your flowchart making process. It can be useful for professional software development and programming students too.

Download Diagram Designer
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Ansi C for programmers ebook

I thought to share this simple ebook on Ansi c programming.
Download it from the following link:

ANSI C for programmers
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Mobile Games Download Pack 0 - B

You can download series of mobile games from this site. More games will be uploaded and the posts will be updated again and again. So keep on checking for new mobile game packs.
This pack contains some games from 0-B starting characters. If you want any games, be sure to post your feedback over here.
Some highlights:
2006 Real football 3D
3D Rally
2008 Eurocup
3D NFS Pro Street
American Gangster
Assassin's Creed
Bryan Lara Crickets
Brothers in Arms
Bruce Lee
and More...!

Mobile Games Pack 0-B

Download C compilers

If you are starting to program in C, you will need some C compilers. So here are some of the links to the compilers you can use to build programs in C.

Turbo C++ Download

Dev CPP Download

LCC Download

Thank you.

KU C programming labsheets download

Probably many of you are searching for the lab notes of C programming. The notes here are actually written by me. I will be constantly updating this post to add new labsheets. So keep on checking this post.

The original labsheet can be found HERE!

Week 3 labsheet on basic of C

Week 4 labsheet build your logics

Keep on checking this post for updates with newer labsheets.